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June 15 , 2010

How Can I Learn More About Sound?

All sorts of folk want or need to learn more about sound: the most obvious are technicians who operate sound systems for churches, theaters, schools, or civic organizations; or who design and/or install sound systems. But also pastors, priests, teachers, and even business administrators can benefit from knowing more about sound. Architects and professional engineers routinely make decisions that will affect the way sound behaves in their projects. And there are many folk whose hobby includes high-quality stereo or home-theater sound. One time-honored way to learn about sound is through the seminars provided by Syn-Aud-Con. These live seminars are presented several times a year at various locations, mostly in the USA. They teach sound fundamentals, plus the details of sound system operation and introductory sound system design. The cost for a 3-day seminar is low for the benefits one receives.

For those whose interest in sound is not part of a paid job, the cost or logistics of attending a Syn-Aud-Con seminar may be prohibitive, and they have recently begun providing online training at considerably lower cost. EDC Sound Services is presently collaborating with another prominent acoustical consulting firm to develop an online sound curriculum. This curriculum will address the needs of each of the groups mentioned above. In addition, some of the packages will provide continuing education credits for those needing such credits for licensure or professional association membership.


At present, the following topics are being considered:

  • Introduction to acoustics ( 5 sessions)
  • Physical acoustics of rooms (7 sessions)
  • Intro to perceptual acoustics (4 sessions)
  • Target acoustical performance: theaters, sanctuaries, meeting rooms, studios, gyms, etc. (4 sessions)
  • Optimizing the use of a room having acoustical faults (4 sessions)
  • Controlled (variable) acoustics (4 sessions)
  • Electroacoustics: Basic loudspeaker selection, placement, aiming (4 sessions)
  • Applications and limitations of digital signal processing (4 sessions)
  • Directional radiation of sound (4 sessions)
  • Loudspeaker design: direct radiator, vented, array, horns (8 sessions)
  • Appropriate technologies in sound reinforcement (8 sessions)
  • Acoustical measurements Classroom Acoustics Standard (8 sessions)
  • Acoustics for "green" buildings (5 sessions)
  • Acoustics for LEED buildings (5 sessions)
  • Intro to architectural acoustics (5 sessions)

Cost is expected to average about $10.00 per 15-minute session, and the modules will be priced as a package: 4, 5, or 8 sessions as indicated above.

Please let us know if you are interested in suggesting modules in which you and/or your associates would be interested, as we are now in the planning stages for this service, and hope to have it live with the first modules available by the end of the summer.